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For over 40 years Newport Bedding has been helping people sleep better with our hand built 2 sided custom mattresses and luxurious bedding. We are the oldest privately owned sleep shop in Orange County and we pride ourselves on helping each customer identify exactly what to look for when buying a mattress to achieve the ultimate sleep experience.

Over the years we still smile when a new customer learns that they can buy a Newport Bedding 2 sided hand built custom mattress made to fit their body, sleep style and spine alignment needs, for the same cost​ of​ a name brand mattress.

How can we do this? Easy, we are the manufacturer located right here in Costa Mesa, so we can offer our customers a better selection of the best made mattresses all at factory direct prices. We use American made materials and we still build every mattress the old fashioned way to give you the most comfort, support and durability. Because of this fact, we often hear from customers that they’ve enjoyed their Newport Bedding mattress for over 20 years and it still feels as good as the day they brought it home.

You will also notice when you visit our showroom our sleep experts are not on commission so your buying experience will always be relaxed and informative. ​​We focus on what your needs are by identifying how you rest and what are your most comfortable sleep positions. Our approach is completely different which is why most of our business comes from chiropractors, physical therapists, friends & family customer referrals. We have been focusing on our customers sleep experience since ​ ​19​78​ and are committed and passionate at delivering the best sleep ​and rejuvenation​ at an affordable price.

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

My wife and I bought our bed from Newport Bedding 10 years ago and it still is as comfortable today as it was when delivered. What impressed me most was their approach on how to buy a bed, what to look for in materials and construction, so that your bed lasts longer and is comfortable based on your needs. They were right and I’ve been referring my clients to Newport Bedding ever since…

Dr Glenn PerrymanPacific Hills Chiropractic

"It's good to know that a family owned business like this still exists. Every aspect of their service is excellent..."

Christine R.Pacific Palisades, CA

"After checking their impressive ratings on Yelp I called them. They close at 6pm, I work until 6pm. Alex made arrangements to stay after hours to meet me. Personalized service! Alex was so kind, he answered all my questions with so much patience and he was very informative. Two hours of inquiry later I purchase my mattress and now I cannot wait to get it into my house."

Klarisa A.Tustin, CA

"Newport Bedding has been my "go to" mattress store for over 12 years. They are so helpful and informative when it comes to selecting something SO important as to the quality and comfort of our own bed! Steve gave me his undivided attention when it came to trying out different mattresses, so I could personally select my favorite. I highly recommend them!"

Pam M.Georgetown, Washington DC

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